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Reflexology is an ancient therapy, practiced for over 5000 years and linked to Egyptian, Chinese, and Indian cultures.

There are many types of reflexology, but all forms relate to the principle that 'reflex' areas in the feet, hands, and ears correspond to all parts of the body.

Not to be confused with massage, reflexologists use a deep touch technique to concentrate on the tender and nodular areas in the feet - those areas which are under the most stress - and relate them to specific areas of the body.

By pin-pointing the deep touch technique on the relevant reflex points, a specialist in this unique treatment can encourage self-healing to begin by channelling vital energy to flow to the most adversely affected areas.

In reflexology the body is mapped on the hands, feet and ears. The body is divided into 10 longitudinal (vertical) zones, which run the length of the body from head to toe. There are 7200 nerve endings (reflex points) in each foot, 2500 in each hand, and 435 in each ear.