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Bad Manual Samples

Modem Manual Trouble Shooting Guide

Question: When put Hyundai 128MB DRAM (GM72v66841ET75/GM72V668841E7K) on 618AF/618AS mainboard the install Windows98SE system hangl or immediately hang!! 

Please follow instruction as below:
First:Into Bios Setup...then"Load Optimized Default".
Second:BIOS Setup---Advance Shipset Feature---SDRAM Timing Setting--change"DRAM CTL Buffer Strength" to "Weak".
PS:The method only for use Hyundai 128SDRAM if your SDRAM was other brand please don't do that.



We've all seen them - manuals that make you scream with frustration and walk away more perplexed than when you first opened them. Now's your chance to fight back with laughter and possibly win $500 in the process. 


    Almost every product you buy has a manual (or instruction) which accompany's it.  Your choices for submission are virtually endless.  The manual you send could be for the assembly of a toy, an information label on a smoke detector, hair care product instructions, or a VCR operation manual.  We haven't mentioned software manuals yet but yes, they too are eligible.

    Just to put you in the mood, we've provided a couple of samples for your entertainment. 

    If you have a manual with any of the following traits, we want to see it:

  1. Misordered Steps
  2. Mysterious Drawings
  3. Bad Translations
  4. Missing Information
  5. Ridiculous Wording
  6. Navigation Nightmares


  7. Bad Manuals

    Contest Rules


     Once judging is complete (Feb. 6, 2003), we will post the names of the top ten entry owners and their manuals. The winner will receive $500.