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Technical Communicator References

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Publish RGB On-line Magazine
Typofile: Techniques and Technology
Journal of Electronic Publishing

The Editorial Eye
Purdue University Writing Lab
Guide to Writing and Grammer
Editors' Association of Canada

Technical Writing
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Plain Language Action Network



DraftFX provides complete technical documentation services as well as contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent staffing solutions. Created by technical communicators, for technical communicators, we fully understand the industry and what's required to succeed. 

Why should you outsource? 

Research demonstrates that, for many corporations, a dedicated technical publications group is expensive to set up, difficult to maintain, and hard to justify. Due to the transient nature of most documentation requirements, companys with a publications group normally have a difficult time forecasting a steady state Level Of Effort (LOE) and find themselves unable to meet demands during peak periods.  

In lieu of a publications group, developers are often called upon to create support documentation. The industrial impact of having engineers spend up to eighty percent of their time on documentation is staggering. Most likely, you hired your team based on their ability to design, troubleshoot, and test your products. Was their ability to write a consideration? 

DraftFX can remove the load documentation has on your resources and improve product quality throughout its life cycle. This will not only save you time and money on documentation, but also increase your engineering productivety and reduce product support costs. The interface between our specialists and your staff will be seamless.  

Added Value 

Quality documentation can improve the way your products are perceived and reduce after sale support costs. A user friendly document will reduce (or eliminate) product support and training expenses, increase client proficiency, and aid in promoting your product's value. 

Mistakes identified late in the development phases of a project are more costly to rectify. By using a technical communicator throughout your product's life cycle, an added quality gate will be embedded and the opportunity exists for an independent product validation and verification. 




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