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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect from your session?

A bit more time will be needed on your first session. You will be asked to fill out a comprehensive health assessment form and then discuss it with the therapist. Any concerns you may have can be addressed at this time.

You will remain fully dressed throughout your session. Soothing music will enhance your relaxing experience. As you drift off to a place of peacefulness, your body will begin to harmonize itself toward a state of improved balance and homeostasis.

Upon leaving this serene experience, you will feel as though you have done something wonderful for your body, mind and spirit.

Are the therapies safe?

The therapies used by HolisticFX are extremely safe. We utilize a non-directive, non-analytical, and non-evasive approach.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on whether the onset of your symptoms has been chronic or acute, the type of condition you are presenting, and the therapy given. Upon your initial visit the therapist will discuss the treatment options and anticipated duration.